Halloween at The Crypts

London Halloween 2012 at The Crypts

This Halloween, the winner of the UK’s best scare attraction has pulled out all the stops to create the most intimidating, shocking and unnerving show yet!.

Our Family Friendly Daytime Halloween show will take you on a journey through the haunting history for London, be sure not to be lead astray by Jack the Ripper or to be scared by the Pumpkin Man.

Our Guardian Angel show of The Crypts will also be on offer for those less brave.

There will also be pumpkin carving and face painting for all the family.

Scary London Halloween

The Evening Show is where we really get your heart racing!

We dare you to come face to face with your fears...

Whether it's creepy clowns, psycho doctors or the dentist's drill, we guarantee the scariest, most exhilarating and disturbing Halloween yet. Touch the blood stained walls, taste death in the air and feel your way through The Crypts of London Bridge

Halloween Girls at The Crypts

With new sets to explore such as the Dickensian bar and the Runaway Train, Halloween will also see the unveiling of Hell's Kitchen, where our Cannibal Chef is cooking up a storm and the Circus of Fear, where the Creepy Clowns taunt and play!

"Be aware- only the bold, temerarious and brave make it through.
The cautious, careful and prudent should tread carefully.
You never know what is lurking round each corner."

Butcher  Gang at The Crypts

To find out more about it, stay tuned because we're still working on our biggest and scariest Halloween project...